About us

Meet the founders

At Maven Intelligence we make data human, so brands can engage deeply.

Elisa is the Data Whisperer that uncovers powerful insights using AI, translating maths to English (she whispers). Keeva is the Brand Strategist that translates insights to marketing strategy (she shouts).

Having established ourselves as successful leaders in Brand and Data, we decided to join forces to create a powerful and unique value proposition, combining numbers geeks with creative heads to solve problems using our different lenses.

We both see things from a strategic level, and can bring intelligence to marketing from a data, creative, and human lens. 


Years of professional experience.


Professional degrees in Finance, Commerce, Accounting, Law, Criminology, Communications & Media.


Successful businesses behind them.

When I met Keeva—around a bonfire in Byron Bay—I was exposed to a whole new way of creative thinking. We both shared a desire to shift the way industries solve problems, engage their audience and evolve for the future, but we came at these problems from entirely different perspectives.

The way she sees possibilities and brand opportunities from the deep audience insights AI can provide, has me truly excited for how we can help shape the future of many brands, and solve problems together.

– Elisa Choy

I’ve spent a lot of time with data analysts, but never have I encountered someone with the ability to make data as meaningful as Elisa does. How she is able to simplify complexity and frame research, is a brand strategist’s dream and I’m very fortunate to be working with her.

As an economist, she understands the fiscal drivers of business, too, giving me confidence that the strategic work we do together is not only based on solid brand insights, but considers the needs of businesses—and industries—to make marketing decisions for strong growth and future prosperity.

– Keeva Stratton