We transform attention into deep engagement using powerful insights.

Every brand is competing for audience attention, but deep engagement is truly what brands desire. The deeper you can engage, the stronger an emotional connection you will foster with your audience, the greater the brand loyalty you will build.

Thanks to language-based data, there is now a more powerful way to use big data and Artificial Intelligence to uncover what is truly driving consumer and audience engagement. We can now measure and analyse emotions through language-based data, using machine learning in a manner that’s systematic, unbiased, and far more profound in what it can tell us.

Once we know what your audience desires, we can help you build a powerful, high-level strategy to transform attention into deep engagement.


Our data tells us how people feel, helping to predict what they will do.

There’s 4.5 billion of us that have access to the internet. We consume content all the time. Finally, through language-based data, we can understand why particular patterns of engagement are taking place.

Language-based data—which reveals the depth and type of emotions behind the engagement—is opening up a world of possibilities for content creators, brand strategists, creatives, product developers, public relations and policy makers.

If your industry depends on engaging humans, this depth of understanding is invaluable. If you know how people feel, you can better engage with what they care deeply about. You can position your brand or content to appeal deeply to an engaged and loyal audience.


All aspects of brand or content storytelling no longer need to operate on the insights of past behaviours. Advertisers or showrunners can now test the key concepts of a campaign or narrative arcs or characters, by measuring, in real time, whether the language and creative achieves engagement with the audience you seek.

Marketers have never had this ability to measure so effectively and widely before, making it an exciting time indeed.

As we enter the exciting era of AI, through analysing audience emotion, we can help brands optimise the scarcest resource today. We can now help you transform the audience attention you manufacture into deep and long-term engagement.

What we do

Any problem that needs to understand audience can be solved with language-based AI, if you think creatively enough. We do, and here are the most popular features of our service.

Why choose us?

We’re in a unique position

As the first Australian strategic brand agency with not just access to, but experience with, this specific platform of language-based data research, we can deliver a combination of intelligence, creativity and strategic thinking that no-one else can.

It’s a big claim, but the possibilities are bigger still.

At Maven Intelligence, we combine years of working with brands—from Citi Australia to Caltex—building successful brand and communication strategies, analysing data and delivering real results for our clients. When we combine these skills and experience, with the such a powerful insights tool, it truly is exciting.

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